Frequently Asked Questions

email Laura at or phone me on 07811 994656 to arrange a meeting where we can discuss the benefits I can bring to your team.
Every team can benefit from open discussion. Especially if it is short and to the point.
Every practice can benefit from improving the self esteem and charisma of its vets and nurses.
Every employer can be at the cutting edge of hot topics in the veterinary world such as “mindfulness”. Having mental wellbeing and counselling available for potential employees will set your practice apart from the rest.

email Laura in total confidence at in the first instance. For one to one counselling, I will never discuss the fact that I have met you to anybody. We will organise to meet for a free of charge introductory session where we can decide if counselling is likely to be of benefit to you. Some clients come to my counselling rooms in Northwest London. Others choose to meet elsewhere. Generally we have six hour-long sessions over six weeks. However, some people choose to have three two-hour sessions.

can benefit from counselling. Just as we exercise to keep the body fit and we clean where we live, the benefits from guided, emotional housekeeping are enormous.
How often do we take the time to openly offload our thoughts onto someone who will treat everything we say with absolute confidentiality? That person is qualified to help us get the most benefit in the least amount of time. And, they treat us with total positive regard.
Whether you thoroughly enjoying your job or not, counselling will make you a stronger, more dynamic colleague: the type of vet you want to be, the type of vet the clients want to see and the vet the employer will notice above the rest.

A small group of 4 to 8 colleagues. This is a confidential meeting. We do not discuss what has been said in these meetings outside of the room.
Workshops are easy to fit into the working week as they are short and to the point. We may discuss a grievance between colleagues and discuss it openly. We may decide that this is the week to learn how to turn a difficult client into a welcome client who can help us to exercise our tolerance and patience (this is a particularly popular workshop).
We may talk about charisma, and how to project ourselves in a confident way to others.
At the end of each workshop, I set a behavioural task for each of the team to work on until it becomes a natural attribute of theirs.


“ I contacted Laura through her website when I was at breaking point. I had multiple issues which were exacerbated by the pandemic and I wasn’t coping. I had had CBT which didn’t help me. We had 8 sessions which were intense and quite grueling. Laura showed me how to deal with stress and anxiety differently. I never thought counseling and mindfulness were for me. But now I can honestly say that I have never been calmer or happier.”

Thank you.

– Anonymous

” I was feeling “detached” and exhausted when I found Laura, which may have in part been why I found mindfulness would be too little to play any role in any uplifting. But I trusted her and put her advice into practice. And I am so glad I did. Her advice and coping mechanisms made me fall in love with my job all over again and gave me the confidence to find a better work-life balance.”

– Anonymous

“I was pushed towards Laura by a good work friend who realised that I needed some help to deal with the emotional consequences of working through the pandemic. I doubted that counselling would benefit me and was particularly sceptical that meditation could do anything to improve how I felt. I was proved completely wrong though – meditating every day has enabled me to change from an overwhelmed, miserable vet to a proud, happy person who is looking forward to many more years in the profession. It is hard to put into words just how much I gained from my sessions with Laura, and I am very grateful for all of her support and advice”.

– Anonymous

“Laura came to our fairly large practice a few months ago to provide a day of mental wellbeing.

I was stunned by how easily she managed to teach such a large group to reflect, to meditate and to be calm.

It was very personal. We cried, we laughed and we left on a complete high.

That high has continued throughout the practice and we now work in a new, compassionate and cohesive way. Her kindness and honesty is a breath of fresh air.”

– Anonymous